The Need

The development of innovative and highly efficient industrial technologies requires major investments in pilot plants.

However, finding or creating a suitable location is difficult, expensive and requires many compromises that slows down the experimentation.

The Concept

Pilot Plants Park will be offering an ideal location for the realization of pilot plants, specifically designed to decrease investment and speed up experimentation times.

Oriented to industrial process research in the fields of engineering, chemical and biochemical industry, energy, materials, and environment.

The Value

Pilot Plants Park is an Accelerator of industrial technological development that helps technology suppliers in the development of new industrial technologies by:

  • reducing development time;
  • optimising costs;
  • simplifying the bureaucratic process;
  • supporting them in the practical aspects;
  • guaranteeing confidentiality and discretion;
  • offering a representative site designed specifically for industrial research.

unlike technoparks that offer spaces for laboratories and offices, and industrial sites focused on production.

Key Features

Pilot Plants ParkĀ  will be offering the following key features:

  • Plug & Play Infrastucture
  • Technical Gases and Utilities from site
  • Waste Treatment and Disposal
  • Technical Support Staff
  • Support for Administrative and Authorisation Procedures
  • Flexible Spaces for Offices and Labs
  • Load-bearing Technical Surface (2’000 kg/m2)

If you need more features or services do contact us, we will be pleased to discuss how to meet your specific requirements.

The Regional offer

Pilot Plants ParkĀ  will be built in the Canton of Baselland, north of Switzerland, near to the economic and industrial centres of Zurich and Basel, this region offers many advantages:

  • Leading edge industrial centres
  • business oriented local Authorities
  • Motorway, Rail, Ship and Air Connections
  • Network of Universities and Research Institutes
  • Industrial Suppliers

Planned opening in 2021


Are you interested? Do contact us!

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